I will be writing about how to get the best out of working with a Virtual Assistant, social media tips, legal news, and much more. 

One Year – Five Tips!

I’m writing this blog not so much as a celebration of my achievement, of which I am so incredibly proud, but more as advice for those in the middle of it all; for those that might, just might be considering taking the leap into being in business on their own.

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Why I love being a Virtual Assistant

Apart from the many benefits of being self-employed and being your own boss, choosing the hours you work and projects you want to work on, I hadn’t realised that being a Virtual Assistant could be so interesting and the work so varied. No two days are the same! One...

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How can a Virtual Assistant help your business?

HOW CAN A VIRTUAL ASSISTANT HELP YOUR BUSINESS? What is a Virtual Assistant ? In short, a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person or company that works to add value to your company by undertaking tasks and projects that you are either not equipped to undertake,...

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