What is a Virtual Assistant ?

In short, a Virtual Assistant (VA) is a person or company that works to add value to your company by undertaking tasks and projects that you are either not equipped to undertake, or you simply do not have the time to get them done.  VA’s offer a flexible, cost efficient, time efficient solution to your business without tying you down to employment contracts.

VA’s are more than ‘just secretaries’. You will find a good VA will offer services that compliment your business:

  • They can assist you with your goals and help you run everything better from traditional typing and transcription services to diary management;
  • They can provide more specialist services such as event organisation to social media management and website maintenance.

Why would you use a VA ?

A good VA will save you money because it is in their interest to get your work done quickly and efficiently – it is their business to help your business.

You have the flexibility to use a VA as often or as little as you need – you only pay for the time it takes to do the work.

What you don’t have to do is worry about: Salary, tax, sick pay, national insurance contributions, holiday pay, maternity leave, cigarette breaks, head count or interviews. 

You don’t have to worry about staff sitting at a desk being under-utilised – with good VA’s you only pay for the hours they work. That is the entire extent of your commitment. Nothing more, nothing less – you pay by the hour. Good VA’s work by results, offer quality work that is timely and efficient.

If you find that your needs are greater than an ad-hoc arrangement then most good VA’s will operate a retainer arrangement in order for you to have a monthly commitment.  This means you do not have the worry or need to keep phoning to make an arrangement.  A retainer for an agreed set of time each month allows you to simply send the work to your VA to get it done.

Working with a Virtual Assistant is ALL about saving you time to allow you to concentrate on your business. This means you get to do more of the things you enjoy doing and help your business to thrive.

It’s about taking all those things that niggle at the back of your mind that you know you NEED to do…but just don’t get around to doing.  You know the kind of thing: that website update; scheduling your tweets and Facebook posts; getting that blog or newsletter done and out the door – or even just that letter you have been meaning to send.

Generally, if you can think of it – a VA can help you get it done.

How do I choose a VA to work with?

Make sure when choosing a VA that they offer the skills and services that you require for the task or project you need to get done.

Check out their website, social media pages, as well as any customer reviews which can give a feel for not only how they work, but the quality of their online presence – does it look professional? Are there any daft spelling errors? An eye for detail from your VA is essential.

Call them, chat to them, explain what you need and ask for telephone numbers of existing clients that can vouch for the VA’s work.

Most importantly, meet them! Get to know your VA first. It is essential to have compatible personalities. There may be times when stress is high, deadlines are looming and you need help to make it all work. A good VA will help ease the load, provide quality work and become an asset to your business.

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