Do you have a “to do“ list that doesn’t seem to get any smaller?  How many of those tasks have been on there for longer than a month or longer? 

Maybe it’s time to outsource to a Virtual Assistant.

Being a small business owner has many challenges.

Most of the time you are business owner, secretary, accountant, marketing department, business development manager and tea maker all in one.  The more successful your business becomes, the more time you need to spend with your clients, developing and growing those relationships to expand your business — and this means that you have less time to spend on all those things on your to do list.


Most of the clients that I work with are small business owners who are finding that many things on their “to do” lists are STILL sitting on their “to do” lists months later!

They are tasks that really need doing but get pushed back down the list each month as they are finding they have no time for them.

Their business is growing, they are getting busier and busier with the things that drive the business, they may be spending more time out of the office, building relationships, selling their products, delivering their courses and workshops and the “to do” list just grows.

This is the point when they realise they need some help, and that is the stage they need to call a Virtual Assistant.

Outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant can free up valuable time that you should be spending on the things that you enjoy and are really good at, things that enable you to grow your business.  It can be difficult to let go of these tasks as it’s your business and your baby BUT if you work together with a good Virtual Assistant you will find that you get the breathing space you need to be able to plan and think about your business going forward.  Virtual Assistants are business owners too and there is no better achievement for us than to feel that we are contributing in some way to the success of your business.  We are here to support you and help you make your business a success which in turn makes our business a success.

Why not give a Virtual Assistant a try?

Pick one of the tasks that has been on your list for ages, send it over to the Virtual Assistant and see how it goes.  Most Virtual Assistants work on an ad hoc basis,  as well as on monthly retainers, and if you call them and explain you want to try this new working arrangement out before committing more regularly, they will be more than happy to work through a trial with you.

Do you need a virtual assistant?

If the above points sound familiar, and something your small business would find very useful, and you would like to discuss working with me?Please give me a call on 07971 839547 or drop me an email

I look forward to hearing from you.

Jo 🙂