So, the year that was.  My first year in my first business on my own.  WOW!  What a ride. It’s been hard as hell.  It’s been full of ultimate highs and desperate lows but you know what?  I wouldn’t change it for the world.
Hewson Business Support was born out the ashes of procrastination; of self-doubt and lack of confidence and a fair amount of failure and disappointment. 
But it’s still here a year later and so am I.
I’m writing this blog not so much as a celebration of my achievement, of which I am so incredibly proud, but more as advice for those in the middle of it all; for those that might, just might be considering taking the leap into being in business on their own.  If my few words can help ease the journey, to help in the process then it is worth it just to help one person would mean the world to me.
1. My first tip?  Just do it (sorry Nike!)  I spent four wasted years ‘thinking’, ‘worrying’, doing the ‘what ifs’ – all for nothing.  Your biggest and greatest asset is time.  It waits for no-one.  Yet if I had the gumption to bite the bullet and just do it – this first year would have arrived years ago.  It is true what they say ‘If you never, ever go.  You never, ever know!’ – so if you have the idea, the skills and the ‘thought’ – then just do it.  You really have nothing to lose.
2. Secondly.  Don’t fake it  I have come across so many businesses that are pretending to be something they just aren’t.  The number of times I’ve read ‘multi-six figure income’ well I could be rich on that alone.  It fools nobody.  If you promise the world and offer a peanut then it will only last so long.  So if you’re going to do it, do it properly with honesty, integrity and sincerity.  
3. Third.  When there are downs, the ups are just around the corner.  Losing a client or sacking a client can be one of the hardest things to take but you can’t take it personally and ultimately, it’s a part of being in business that makes it fun.  You never know where the next client is coming from or what problems they need you to solve but if you focus on solving problems and not making money then the success will follow.
4. Fourth.  Surround yourself with positivity.  People will line up to tell you how you can’t do it; you won’t succeed; go and get a ‘proper job’ –  I’ve found those to be either jealous or they just don’t understand.  Unable or unwilling to take the leap into being their own boss and taking responsibility for making their own way in the world.  Good people are hard to find but they are essential in business and if you find them, then hold onto them because they will help you get to where you want to be.
5. Finally.  Network, network, network.  It doesn’t come naturally to most but if you can get yourself out there and mix in the circles that matter then it will pay dividends in the long run.   Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard but to be top of mind in the lives of the people that matter to you, you have to put yourself in their mind in the first place.  That takes planning, determination and desire.  Get out there, tell your story and make a difference.  Join business networking groups such as your local BoB Club.
So, there are my top five tips if you’re just starting out.  I hope they help ‘someone’.
If you’re reading this and think we may be able to help you then please do not hesitate to call us.  You’ll speak to me, Jo, and if I can help you then I will – after all ‘It’s our business to help your business’ call me on 07971 839547 or email me here.

Jo 🙂