Apart from the many benefits of being self-employed and being your own boss, choosing the hours you work and projects you want to work on, I hadn’t realised that being a Virtual Assistant could be so interesting and the work so varied.


No two days are the same!

One day I can be working on a client’s marketing campaign, designing flyers for e-marketing and creating mailing lists, the next I can be updating content on websites, scheduling social media posts and researching venues for events.

The beauty of being a self-employed Virtual Assistant is you don’t have to work for one specific type of company specialising in one specific thing – for example working at an accountants or at a law firm.

In the Virtual Assistant world you can work for many different business owners in many different fields and that is what makes life so interesting.

I work with some really inspirational people. One of my clients has built her business up from nothing to become really successful in a very short space of time and I love working with her as she inspires me. I want my clients to feel supported and that I am helping them to achieve their dreams and assisting them with their long term goals for their business. This in turn then also helps me to achieve my goals and dreams for my business.

I love meeting new people and am fascinated by their journeys and why they started their businesses and how far they have come, hearing about the highs and lows along the way. It’s so exciting to be contacted by a potential new client and to meet them and find out what they do and how I can help them.

I love being a Virtual Assistant, and I am so glad that I decided to take the leap into the unknown (well unknown to me!) world of the Virtual Assistant because it really is rewarding to know you are making a difference to someone else’s business which will indirectly make an impact on your own business.